What is CCcam pay Server?

What is CCCam? When you flip through the channels in your TV, you are obviously barred from viewing those channels you never paid for. This is because they are not designed to decrypt the codes for unsubscribed channels, i.e. they are not designed for card sharing. But most of the modern satellite receivers are capable of sharing the smartcards. CCCam or card sharing or CS is unknown to many people. It is simply a card sharing protocol where a smartcard is shared over the network. Here ‘sharing’ means right to access digital packages by connecting to a CCCam card sharing server over a network. CCCam servers send the decrypted channel codes over a shared network to the devices connected to that network. The CCCam server shares the decrypted information obtained through yours or anybody else’s satellite subscription card with other users who are connected to it. So why exactly would you need CCCam server? CCCam servers were developed mainly for the people with motorised satellite dishes and Linux receivers, who would be able to access satellite television at remote places and would be able to watch foreign channels where they may not be able to obtain subscriptions for the services they want to watch, or where they can't have lots of cards without buying more equipment. When you buy CCCam server, your receiver will be receiving the decrypted channel codes from the server giving you full access to the channels that your card did not have access to previously. The number of channels you can get depends on the type of subscription you opt for when you buy CCCam, the area you live in and the type of satellite dish used for receiving the channels.

Real Local Cards

our CCcam servers are equiped with more than 50 local cards that make our servers more stable.

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All Pacakges Availables

With our CCcam pay Server you have the possibility to watch more than 3 850 Channels with a Fast Zapping

4K and 3D

Our advanced servers allow you to have the best 4K, HD & 3D experience.